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Everybody knows the value and power of sparking ideas, but also how challenging it can be to transform ideas into effective solutions and results. We will guide you in this process in order to help your organization and you personally to grow.


This is our passion and purpose.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be a value.” – Einstein

Unlocking your potential


In a one-on-one or small group session, we ignite a creative and effective atmosphere of unfolding ideas and designing your intended future.

Consulting & Interim Management

For more challenging and time-consuming targets, we can set up a project but also take temporary management responsibility.

Seminars & Workshops

With our strong human- and solution-oriented mindset, we are your neutral catalyst and pacemaker for making sustainable progress at your organization.

Is Minds & Elephant for me?

Are you searching for a personal or organizational pacemaker to help you grow? You might also be right before starting into a management position and search for some sparring, thought exchange or specific support for making it right.


Or have you founded your business with a clever product or service idea and need some support in building and scaling your organization? How about your management skills and your positioning as a balanced and effective leader? And are you searching for someone who brings real-world experience on the table?

Sounds like you? Then we might be the sparring partner you’ve been looking for!

Connected Minds

Minds & Elephant is more than just a service provider. It is an idea and approach to growth and development that lives by the input of a collective of bright minds. That is why we introduce ways to connect and exchange, both in a rather intimate and exclusive context, as well as by open events.

Minds & Elephant Club

The Minds & Elephant Club is an exclusive space to connect to other minds, learn more about smart business practices, personal development, leadership skills and more. Exchange thoughts and ideas with members in our forum and benefit from our expertise, our network, and the sparks of other bright minds.


Let’s get the word out! We are frequently hosting training and networking events on leadership, transformational growth and the skills you need to unfold and use your full potential. Meet and network with like-minded people and share your sparking ideas to get the most out of your bright mindset!