Learn more about Jörg Schweiger and his wide network to coach you through personal and organizational transformation and to unlock your potential.
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Who we are

Jörg Schweiger and his wide network of creative thinkers, academics and industrials are the bright minds behind Minds & Elephant. With his unique background as an industry professional and manager, consultant, academic and creative mind, Jörg has the right skill set to lead you and your organization to the next level. He speaks both the language of employers and employees and strives to leave lasting impressions through professionalism and kindness.

“Where you are is a result of who you were, but where you go depends entirely on who you choose to be.” – H. Elrod

Jörg’s 4 pillars of development and growth

Learning by doing

Only by doing things, you can master them. With his own extensive experience in business, consulting and academia, while also immersing himself into art and music, Jörg is able to guide you through the process of unfolding growth.

By reading

Never underestimate theoretical knowledge. As an academic researcher and professor, Jörg also has the theoretical business background and the hard industrial skills to provide valuable input when exploring talents and fostering growth.

By feedback

Feedback is the constant essential on the way to reaching your personal or organizational peak. Only through feedback, rethinking our actions and constructive criticism we can learn and transform into better versions of ourselves.

By reflecting

Purpose-oriented growth and self-exploration requires frequent reflection. Jörg himself has long been practising different techniques of self-reflection. It does not matter how we reflect, but it matters that we do in order to grow.

Jörg at a glance

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”  – J. Garland

Complementary Minds

Manfred Wolf

Manfred is a psychologist, business consultant and a registered mediator with focus on leadership, organizational development, communication, stress prevention and workplace health promotion. He also works as an academic lecturer and runs his own training and consulting company, akademie OG. In his work, Manfred always strives for efficacy and applicability by combining his expertise in psychology and economy. He is proud to guide companies and individuals on their way to success, satisfaction and health.


Karin Oswald

Karin is an experienced and passionate HR professional with a Master’s degree in Psychology and Business Administration and a specialization in Coaching. She knows to focus on cultural, organizational and leadership development by inspiring visions for individuals and teams in an authentic and mindful way. In her role as HR manager of a globally operating company with its HQ in Styria, she is always searching for the key which unleashes the power that comes from within. By doing that she brings both individuals and corporations to the next level.

Thomas Herzog

Thomas is a veteran of the automotive industry with a strong focus on Quality, Process Management and Business Excellence. After 20 years in the field in diverse management roles, he founded his own business in 2014 with the goal to accompany organizations and individuals on their way to more professionalism. To achieve this, Thomas applies his wide experience in the areas of QM/QS, Business Excellence (EFQM), Strategic Management, Production and Supply Chain Management and much more. Jointly creating solutions with and for his clients is Thomas’ passion and main motivation.

Monica Herzer-Mitteregger

With more than 20 years of experience in Brand and Marketing Strategy, Monica supports companies in finding their essence and purpose and in how to position their brands, products and services in a competitive market. She focuses on understanding context, finding direction, defining goals and messages, and eventually develops the brand and communication strategy.

Bernd Kleindienst

Bernd is a General Management and Digitalization expert with a background in Operations and IT. He is a smart, highly solution-oriented change agent with a comprehensive methodical expertise, as well as a PhD-holding academic lecturer in a variety of universities. His inner drive is to design and implement lasting solutions in regards to digitalization. Bernd is also father of two children and a massive blockchain enthusiast.

Johannes Huber

Johannes is the founder of the Alphalauf movement, theologian, economist and running coach. For more than 15 years he has been scientifically and practically concerned with the topics of meditation (mind) and running (body). In the course of this, he and Eligius Adam developed the Alphalauf method, with the vision to bring people worldwide to more fitness and wellbeing. So far, Johannes has inspired over 10,000 people with this method around the world. Johannes also directs the workplace health promotion in the Diözese Graz-Seckau.

A wide network of bright minds

“Talents win games, but teams win championships.” – Michael Jordan


Professionals from the field, consultants and trainers are part of the Minds & Elephant network. They bring in the passion to help as well as necessary real-world experience to manage transformations and to acquiring new skills.

Creative Heads

Sometimes it might need a completely different approach and spark from the outside. As a musician himself, Jörg is well connected with people from the artistic and creative scene who can bring in unconventional but smart ideas.


Academics have a passion to provide new insights and show us interesting correlations or patterns which we can build upon. Their curiosity and their inner drive exploring the „Why“ makes them highly valuable for our network.

Interested in collaborating?

The Minds & Elephant network is not a closed system. You have great ideas and skills to bring to the table? Let’s arrange something and work together!