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What we offer

Bright minds exist in many places, often undiscovered. Sparking ideas are born, often never realized. Individuals and organizations usually do not lack a great mindset. However, so many of those ideas, visions and dreams never come to life. This is why we want to be the catalyst to help you unfold and anchor undiscovered potentials in the best way and help you to transform your organization or yourself.

Unfolding Effectiveness

Organizational Structure & Processes

Each organization consists of bright minds who work together. Let’s discover if your purpose is strong and bold enough to boost your transformation and if your company structure and processes are designed appropriately. Making it work is not about hierarchy, holocracy, agility or being lean – it’s about having the best and most appropriate fit for your company.

Unfolding Sweetspots

Talents & Skills

Knowing and applying the formula of high-performing teams and effective leadership is one key to effectively grow as an organization. “Talents win games, but teams win championships“ is a famous saying underlining this. Let’s get together individually or let us kick off some sessions with your core teams. Let’s discover your sweetspots but also your blind spots as a basis for growth.

Unfolding Purpose

Leadership & Communication

Nietzsche once said that if you know the why, you can live any how. Good communication can be the most empowering boost for an organization. However, even executives often underestimate its power and their lack of competence in this field. Let’s improve your communication and presentation style, on an individual but also on a corporate level.

How we do it

We always start with defining your targets and claryfing the value you can get out of our cooperation. From a methodological point of view, we are offering you several ways how to get there with us. We put together three selective pillars to cover every perspective of how to assist bright minds and promising organizations with unfolding their strengths and potential: Coaching/Sparring, Consulting & Training.

“How you do anything, is how you do everything.” – Zen Buddhism

Minds & Elephant Jam Sessions

Individual or Group Sparring

For eager-to-learn and curious people who want to reach their personal peak

One-on-one or small team sparring sessions provide room for sparks and inspiration. They never produce the same outcome twice, they are fun, and they live by the inputs of the participants and the atmosphere of a jam-session.


Like in a musical session, we will jam to old songs in form of stories about what you’ve done so far and what brought you to the place you are at right now. What was successful, what’s still a hit, what’s outdated and needs refinement? What is your personal vision of yourself? We’ll show you our songs in form of success stories and good practices of our management careers and findings from theory and practice as basis for discussion. Together we’ll create a new set-list in form of strategies, methods and exercises for your growth.

Minds & Elephant on Tour

Consulting & Interim Management

For organizations in need of an external partner to guide growth and transformation

There might be situations in which your needs, targets or challenges need more than a sparring, workshop or seminar setting. You are looking for more intense and accompanying support or concrete help in execution.


This ranges from larger reorganisation projects or defining new company strategies, creating scenarios for growth, establishing an effective middle management, building cooperations with professional suppliers, implementing an ERP system or installing robust structures and processes for your business. For these specific situations we would set up a project but are also open to help you temporarily as an integral part of your management team. We strive to provide you with the most valuable support and teach you how to keep up the momentum afterwards. Like on tour, let us check in as one of your band members or roadies to make our time together a successful one.

Minds & Elephant Festivals

Seminars, Keynotes & Workshops

For organizations aware of their bright minds, looking for structure to unfold their ideas

Our open or in-house seminars, workshops and Keynotes aim to leave lasting impressions and memories like a music festival – whether as sparking speaking or seminar events focusing on the core elements of corporate growth or as a tailor-made and unique training for your organization.


As with a festival, like-minded people come together to listen to new inspiring music. It’s our mission to offer the best possible line-up so you get the most out of the time you spend with us. Approaching the topic of growth from as many angles as possible is our target. Will everything you hear make it onto your favorites list right away? Probably not. But you will feel the „afterburn effect“ and may realize that the topics you thought to be distant in the moment are those which complement you most.

Interested? Get in touch!

If you want to learn more about our services, let’s schedule a first chat with Jörg Schweiger! Please get in touch using the form below. We will contact you within 24 hours.

    Individual or Group SparringConsulting & Interim ManagementSeminars, Keynotes & Workshops