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You are an entrepreneur or a manager and want to develop your efficacy and authenticity? You carry responsibility in a fast-growing or fast changing SME? You want to set the right impulses to develop the business? Then this is the place for you.
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You are. You want to.

You are an entrepreneur or manager and would like to further develop your effectiveness and authenticity as a leader? You carry responsibility in a rapidly growing or rapidly changing medium-sized enterprise? You want to set the right priorities to further develop the company. It is important to you to fulfill your leadership role as well as possible, to be effective, to inspire and not to neglect your personal passions on top of your professional goals? Sounds like you? 

That is what we all want. But only a few actually make it.

Your library is well stocked with books on “(Self-) Management”, “Leadership” and “Change Management”, and you occasionally attend seminars on the subject. Your resolutions say that you will concentrate more on “working on and not just in the system”. You want to inspire your team to achieve top performance and job satisfaction and develop as a manager in general. Unfortunately, you have not made any substantial progress yet. Unfortunately, this also applies to your private goals. Sounds like you too?

Do you know the feeling of seeing a lot of what needs to be done clearly and obviously, but not making any substantial progress?

I am able to help you.

I am your sparring partner on your journey to being a more effective and authentic leader.


As managing director and department head of a fast-growing and globally operating technology company with more than 300 employees, I have developed very good sensors for the dynamics in organizations and I know the central levers for successfully scaling teams, processes and supply chain structures. I also know what it’s like to tackle major transformations and learned what didn’t work. I have experienced the power of successful teams and I know what it takes to coach employees in finding their sweetspot and get them into action. But I also know the harsh reality of having to fire employees.


I know how to deal with situations in which you are strongly convinced of an idea and its benefits for the company but the organization or culture is not yet ready to go along with it. I know the fears and worries before a board meeting where you have to announce necessary changes that are not going to be well-received.


As a manager and university lecturer with many years of experience, I also know how to build a learning culture in a company that is necessary to become more resilient and more crisis-proof, and thus to cope with major changes. I have also dealt with maturity and excellence models in an industrial context for several years, which I also incorporate into my work.


As a musician with radio airplay and several published albums (Bright Elephant (solo), Wasabi (band)), I know how to pursue personal goals outside of business and family in a serious and passionate way, and how to become a better leader because of it.


I have been dealing with organizational and personal development for more than 20 years now.Let’s discuss which skills and mindsets are necessary to become an effective and authentic leader. I have summarized my experiences in the management-unpluggedTM method, which is a core element of my coaching.

You are looking for a personal and independent pacemaker with management and industrial experience. You are looking for someone to help you develop your personal potential as an authentic manager. You want to evolve and bring your team and your organization to the next level.

Let’s do it.

This is how my coaching works.

Personal Meeting & Setting Targets

After getting to know each other personally, we define your specific goals and thus also clarify the focal points of our cooperation. Moreover, we set the dates of our coaching and working sessions and define the “rules of the game” of our partnership.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

In individual sessions over a period of at least three months we create space for reflection and inspiration and define which methods and next steps will bring you closer to your goals. I will guide you step-by-step through my management-unplugged method with the aim of putting as many things as possible on autopilot in order to get you back into creation mode and back to more effectiveness. As your personal accountability partner, I always make sure that nothing we work out and agree on together is lost.

Our private half-day “Quarterly Board Meeting”

Every three months we meet for half a day or a full day and do a detailed and honest review: What is your progress, what has been implemented and which strategies have helped you to get there? What is still open and how do we fix it as soon as possible?

Final Review

Finally, we jointly take a look at our coaching journey and celebrate what we have achieved.

Your prerequisites.

What you need to bringt to the table.

You are ready to work on yourself or on larger professional challenges and entrepreneurial projects now.


You are open to honest feedback and you must show willingness to invest in yourself.


You are open and courageous to try new ways and allow changes.


You are committed.

I am looking forward to talking to you!